Colorful men’s fashion in the drama “Radio Romance”

This week I’m back in fashion with the recently completed drama “Radio Romance”. From the beginning Jason was definitely the most expressive male hero, both in terms of behavior and fashion. His colorful stylizations often surprised me, but they perfectly reflected his incredibly expressive personality. I do not know if I would like my husband […]

My favorite music with a melancholy note

I have a few favorite instrumental pieces from various dramas that bring me into a strange state of suspension. Whenever I listen to them on my playlist, I freeze. No matter what I do at the moment, this music makes me stop and listen carefully to the end. While listening to them, I remember emotions […]

FASHION MONDAY #6 – last week fashion in dramaland

Last week, I could count again on Yoo Seol-Ok from the drama “Mystery Queen”. While searching for criminals, she wore exceptionally comfortable and very stylish clothes. Our queen of criminal riddles is also the queen of accessories. I love her handbags and T-shirts. Her stylizations are a great example of big city comfortable fashion. Without […]