FASHION MONDAY #9 – Festival of sweatshirts!

I have to admit something to you. I am one of those people who loves sweats with unlimited love. Sweatpants are such a comfortable slippers for the butt :). There is nothing better than a soft sweatpants after a long day in stiff jeans. I met my soul mates in the heroes of the drama […]

Colorful men’s fashion in the drama “Radio Romance”

This week I’m back in fashion with the recently completed drama “Radio Romance”. From the beginning Jason was definitely the most expressive male hero, both in terms of behavior and fashion. His colorful stylizations often surprised me, but they perfectly reflected his incredibly expressive personality. I do not know if I would like my husband […]

Is male fashion boring? With “Goblin”-never!

Men in korean dramas are mostly handsome and very well dressed. The case of three nice gentlemen from the “Goblin” only confirms this rule. I haven’t seen so many different clothes on the male cast in the drama for a long time. I get the impression that the stylist got a green light and went […]