Colorful men’s fashion in the drama “Radio Romance”

This week I’m back in fashion with the recently completed drama “Radio Romance”. From the beginning Jason was definitely the most expressive male hero, both in terms of behavior and fashion. His colorful stylizations often surprised me, but they perfectly reflected his incredibly expressive personality. I do not know if I would like my husband […]

FASHION MONDAY #2 – last week fashion in dramaland

This week I paid attention mainly to earrings. I have a great weakness for them. I can leave the house without makeup, but I must have earrings on my ears. Mrs. Nam from “Radio Romance” didn’t let me down this time. In one of her stylizations she had wonderful long earrings. Simple, but very effective […]

FASHION MONDAY #1- last week fashion in dramaland

I decided to start a new series of blog posts. Every Monday I will try to collect my favorite sets of clothes that have caught my attention in dramas throughout the previous week. This time, I devoted the most attention to the premiere episodes of the second series of “Mystery Queen”. The main character still […]