First Impression – “Supervisor Husband”

I love mini dramas. They are short, focused on the story and are a great break between long series. I came across the drama “Supervisor Husband” by accident. The good reviews made me watch it. One episode lasts about 7 minutes. It’s a romantic comedy in which they laugh at most of the patterns found […]

First Impression – “Butterflied Lover”

What is this drama about? Ling Chang Feng is the local commander who keeps order in the city. He lives a happy life with his young and beautiful wife Tang Qian Yue. During the New Year celebrations, scary human figures appear in the city and attack random residents. One of the victims is Chan Feng’s […]

First Impression – “Gone With The Rain”

I came across this drama by accident. I liked the trailer and decided to see what the story is about. All the actors are new to me. I haven’t seen any drama with them. Sometimes I like to watch something with faces I don’t know at all. It’s always an opportunity to expand my circle […]

First Impression – “Dream Of Splendor”

Zhao Pan Er is an intelligent and enterprising teahouse owner in Qiantang. She has two closest friends and a fiancĂ© who went to the capital to pass the exam for a clerk. When she learns that her fiancĂ© left her for another woman, the daughter of a high-ranking officer, she decides to go to the […]