Favorite drama scenes in 2022

It was a great pleasure to prepare this post because I had the opportunity to revisit these wonderful scenes. Drama: LOVE LIKE THE GALAXY (this drama has a lot of great scenes, but I chose only four) Taking out an arrow (ep. 12) This is the scene that made me watch this drama. There’s so […]


I will start the summary of 2022 in January of the new year. It turned out that in the last week of the old year I found a very interesting drama that I enjoy watching. If I rushed the ratings, this drama wouldn’t stand a chance, and that would be a shame. What I am […]

First Impression – “Love Like The Galaxy”

Finally, I was able to write about this drama. For 2 weeks I have been addicted to this relatively new Chinese production, which totally stole my heart. I don’t like this drama genre, I watched it really little. Too many episodes, political talks, and long scenes usually made me give up this type of drama. […]