The rich interiors of the Forbidden City in the drama “Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty”.

While watching the Chinese drama “Dreaming Back To Qing Dynasty”, I paid particular attention to the richly decorated interiors, traditional paintings on the walls, beautiful ceramics and dark wood furniture. Personally, I would get tired in such cluttered interiors, but it didn’t stop me from watching them on the screen with bated breath. It’s amazing […]

A modern apartment with a soul

Recently on YouTube you can find clips from the new Chinese drama “Find Yourself”. It’s a story about a successful woman and her romance with a much younger man. Apparently a very interesting drama. Unfortunately, I do not like “noona romance”, so I do not watch this drama, but on YouTube videos I liked the […]

Drama Kitchens – different styles and sizes

When watching drama, I often collect various interesting interior designs. This time, I got a few kitchens in different styles. Unfortunately, most of the pictures do not show the whole kitchen, but I hope that the style has been captured. My favorite kitchen belongs to the main character of the drama “20th century boy and […]