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“Chicken Nugget” – drama that resets the brain

What is this drama about?

A mysterious purple machine is delivered to a small company. Choi Min Ah, the owner’s daughter, goes inside this machine and turns into a meatball (chicken nugget). Her father and an intern who has a crush on her try to solve the mystery of the mysterious machine and find a way to return Choi Min Ah to her original human form. What they discover will definitely surprise them.

This drama is like a dream. While watching this story everything seems to make sense, but when you stop and come back to reality, you wonder what the hell it was. This is definitely a drama that is meant to reset your brain when you are tired of watching regular and long series. The plot is, of course, absurd, but there is a method to this madness. Some lines and scenes will stay with me forever, such as “nobody messes with boy bands”. My favorite scenes were the ones with the food blogger (who dressed very well), the one with applying healing ointment to the beaten boy and the one with charades in the final episodes. The main duo is amazing. Acting 10/10. And the big nuggets lady charmed me with her unusual charm.

Does this story have any message? Hmmmm… Maybe it’s about the fact that we value time with our loved ones more than any successes in life? It’s hard to say actually, but is it important? It was funny and totally abstract. I realize that not everyone will appreciate this production, but that’s probably not my problem.

If you are tired of watching dramas and don’t like anything, I recommend watching 10 episodes of “Chicken Nugget”. I guarantee that after this drama you will fly to other dramas on the wings of love and each of them will seem like a masterpiece.

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