First Impression – “Gen Z”

I love Zao Lusi. I admit I haven’t seen all of her dramas, but I always follow everything she’s in. Her latest drama, “Gen Z” (“Hou Lang”), may seem quite boring to some. The main theme is the study and practice of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). What is this drama about? Tou Tou is a […]

Pierwsze wrażenie – “Back From The Brink”

I’ve been having a drama crisis lately, which is why I haven’t been around much this past week. I didn’t want to watch anything, I started some dramas, but I couldn’t get into them. I had a momentary drama burnout. I started the drama Back From The Brick with no expectations, it was just another […]

First Impression – “Provoke”

What is this drama about? Shanghai, Republican times in China. The young and beautiful singer Jian Ying attracts the attention of a local businessman, Du Jing Chuan. After a short acquaintance, the man marries the girl as his concubine. He doesn’t know that the girl specifically approached him to avenge her family. At first, it […]