First Impression – “Provoke”

What is this drama about? Shanghai, Republican times in China. The young and beautiful singer Jian Ying attracts the attention of a local businessman, Du Jing Chuan. After a short acquaintance, the man marries the girl as his concubine. He doesn’t know that the girl specifically approached him to avenge her family. At first, it […]

FASHION MONDAY #55 – Zhang Jingyi, a true princess

Zhang Jingyi is a young Chinese actress whom I had the opportunity to meet while watching the drama “Lighter and Princess”. I loved the whole drama, its characters and main actors, including Jingyi. Not only is she a beautiful girl, but also a very talented actress. She has an amazing type of beauty. She seems […]

First Impression – “Call It Love”

I started watching this drama mainly for the actors. I like Kim Young Kwang since the drama “D-Day” and Lee Sung Kyun since “Cheese In The Trap”. I was very curious about their duet, which seems to be perfect, especially in terms of visuals. What is the drama about? Sim Woo Joo lives in the […]