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First Impression – “Gone With The Rain”

I came across this drama by accident. I liked the trailer and decided to see what the story is about. All the actors are new to me. I haven’t seen any drama with them. Sometimes I like to watch something with faces I don’t know at all. It’s always an opportunity to expand my circle of favorites.

What is this drama about?

The main character of this story is Moxi, an orphan who lives with the Bai family, with her uncle. His brother, Moxi’s father, became involved with a beautiful courtesan, but soon died. Moxi’s dying mother begged Bai’s family to take her in. No one in the family cared for her except for her good-natured cousin Fengyao, with whom she shared true sisterly love. The political situation in the country begins to become unstable, which begins to have a direct impact on the fate of the girls.

The story mainly focuses on the fate of Moxi and Fengyao, who have to face all the sudden events that befall their family. Moxi is an exceptional young girl. She is brave, self-sufficient and cunning. She knows she can only count on herself. Despite the immense support of her beloved cousin, she knows that she cannot rely entirely on this sensitive and naive girl, and must take the lead in difficult situations.

In the lives of Moxi and Fengyao, two men appear who will bring serious turmoil to the lives of the girls. I love the interactions of Moxi and General Chen Wen De. You can see that the girl caught his eye from the first meeting, but she strongly resists this acquaintance. Her heart beats faster at the thought of Wan Jia Gui, whose life she saved. He, in turn, was engaged to her cousin from childhood. What a terrible mess. Unfortunately, fate will mess up their emotional life. I just hope these complicated male-female relationships don’t spoil the pure and unique bond that Moxi and Fengyao have.

This drama is quite light-hearted. There are a lot of funny elements, especially the imagery of Moxi, who is a big dreamer. I don’t agree with some of her actions, but I understand that this is her way of dealing with life. You can see that Moxi, despite all this life experience, still knows little about people and the world, especially about love.

The drama has 36 episodes that appear daily. It’s not a great story, but it’s hard not to like it, especially because of the main character. Moxi is the total opposite of Fengyao, who can sometimes tire the viewer with her naivety, but despite this, their bond is really strong. We will see how strong this bond is in the face of what awaits them.

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  1. Hated this drama with a passion at the end, made me so angry when I realised that WJG was not the ML. I was so invested with Moxi and WJG at the beginning but then after all the scheming and crying she changed her mind. Hated the sister relationship at the end, hated the sister and WJG for being so weak. Only character who stayed true was the General but it was hard to see him as ML after the sweet moments with WJG and she was so into him and then sacrificed him for the sister and changed her feelings for the General. So the love between sister and WJG felt forced because they had no options, the relationship between Moxi and the General felt forced, could not see them together. So the ending just felt all wrong, feel cheated of a happy ending.

    1. Moxi raised my blood pressure more than once with her blind first love, but I’m glad she finally appreciated the general.

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