First Impression – “My Lethal Man”

There has been a lot of buzz about this drama on social media recently, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. From the available descriptions, it’s hard to deduce what the plot is about, but it’s really not too complicated. The theme of doppelgangers has appeared many times in dramaland (Korean […]

First Impression – “The Silence Of The Monster”

I was encouraged to watch this drama by extremely attractive posters. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the main actors look so beautiful and mysterious. Unfortunately, none of the descriptions could tell exactly what this drama is about. I’m on episode 14 and I’m really hooked on this story. At […]

First Impression – “Dream Of Splendor”

Zhao Pan Er is an intelligent and enterprising teahouse owner in Qiantang. She has two closest friends and a fiancé who went to the capital to pass the exam for a clerk. When she learns that her fiancé left her for another woman, the daughter of a high-ranking officer, she decides to go to the […]

First impression – “Begin Again”

Briefly, the plot of the new Chinese drama “Begin Again” (or „We Started Dating From Marriage”) looks like this, she – a rich, CEO of a large corporation must get married quickly in order to rule the company. He – a handsome, extremely good and sensitive surgeon captivates her with his calmness. His family owes […]

First impression – “The Bloom at Ruyi Pavilion”

I must admit that I was waiting for this drama. After watching the drama “Legend of Yun Xi”, I was a bit unsatisfied. The ending is not fully explained, but the good people on the Internet have explained how the story unfolded in the novel and my heart was satisfied. I really liked the actors […]