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“Fortune Writer” – the fight against fate can be hard

What is this drama about?

Su Yunqi is the prime minister’s daughter and is scheduled to marry Prince Chen. During the wedding ceremony, her family is accused of corruption and her mother is framed for an affair. Amidst all this confusion, FL sees golden letters in the air summarizing the situation. This is how the girl learns that she is part of the “Book Of Fate”, which has planned her unpleasant fate in advance. From then on, FL tries to cheat fate, but it is not that easy, because the “author” is extremely stubborn.

Mini dramas are getting better and better and I have a new proposition for you – “Fortune Writer”. At first, I thought it was another story where a girl finds out that she is a character from a book and tries to change her fate. It may have happened before, but this time the main character is actually the bad one, not only in the novel. She is selfish by nature, caring mainly about her own well-being, she can’t stand her good stepsister and will do anything to achieve her goal. She takes advantage of everyone around her, she only loves her mother. When she discovers that her fate is planned in advance, she actively tries to change it and begins to play a dangerous game with the omnipotent and unpredictable “author”.

The main character is my favorite. She is a strong and tenacious girl. She knows that no one will take care of her as well as herself. As a young woman, she can only rely on herself and that is why she so desperately wants to realize her plan for a safe future. Even her love for ML couldn’t stop her. The actress did a great job in this role. I already knew her from another mini-drama “Provoke” (I also recommend it) and I liked her even more here. Compared to her, ML looked less charismatic, but they still made a good duo.

I admit it was great to watch. It was not known until the end how it would end. We were treated to unexpected twists several times. I think this is one of the best mini dramas of this year, so don’t wait too long and watch it. It’s only 24 episodes of 15 minutes each. After watching the first episode, I couldn’t stop watching it.

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