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“Amidst A Snowstorm Of Love” – sweet drama about love

What is this drama about?

Lin Yiyang studies and works in Finland. He was a brilliant snooker player since childhood, but fate took a different course in his life and he left the sport long ago. One snowy night, he meets a young Chinese couple whom he helps. The girl, Yin Guo, catches his attention from the very beginning and he can’t stop thinking about her. It turns out that she came for a billiards competition, and her older cousin was Lin Yiyang’s fierce rival in the past. Slowly and with great shyness, they both get closer to each other and fall madly in love.

I’m not a fan of sports dramas, but unfortunately one of my favorite actors – Wu Lei – likes this genre. Compared to his previous drama, here we have very little sports. The story focuses on observing the development of a deep relationship that begins to connect young people abroad. What makes this drama stand out is the slow pace, lots of small gestures and hot intense stares from Lin Yiyang (Wu Lei). The way he looks at Yin Guo melts hearts and ignites the senses. It is clear that he is fascinated by her from the first meeting. He clumsily tries to get to know her better and court her. She is shy and innocent, he is the one who takes all the steps to deepen their relationship. The chemistry that the main actors managed to build is fantastic, very natural. I like it when I watch a drama and I can believe that I’m watching a real relationship between two young people.

In the drama we meet a lot of side characters and not one of them has negative energy. Nobody wants to hurt anyone else and sports competition is the source of long-term friendship. The whole story is such sweet candy for cold, gray days. It’s nice and sweet until the finale. At times, too sweet.

The visual side of the drama is amazing (and I’m not just talking about the indecently handsome actors). Snowy Finland will bring peace, nostalgia and relief, and great music only intensifies it. My favorite part of the drama is the one set in Finland.

What I liked most here is that despite this slow pace, we see the characters change. Thanks to her, he comes out of his shell and finds purpose in life and joy in sport, which is his forgotten passion. His adoration for her and unlimited support makes her become braver and more self-confident. Unfortunately, the slow pace of the main couple’s developing relationship becomes a bit tiring and frustrating in the second half of the drama.

All the actors did a great job. My favorite characters, after the main couple, were Guo’s cousin Meng Xiaodong and Jiang Yang. They had healthy competition and great friendship. Meng Xiao Dong acted like her real brother, and despite his stiff, cold appearance, he was a wonderfully supportive man. It’s a pity that his story doesn’t have the ending I dreamed of, but oh well.

The closer to the finale, the more sweet, perfect and at times kitschy it gets, but honestly I didn’t expect anything else from this story. I think that if the drama had 24 episodes (and not 30) it would be perfect. This drama is primarily for people who need to stop, rest from crazy actions and have more sugar in their everyday life….and Wu Lei’s fans.

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