Drama First impression

“Blossoms In Adversity” – first impression

What is this drama about?

Hua Zhi is one of the granddaughters of an important court official. As a child, she often traveled with her grandfather and, as a result, she has an extremely open mind. She is still learning about the world, and treats potential marriage as something necessary that must happen. Unfortunately, overnight, all the men in her family are arrested and their property confiscated. Women with children must leave home and seek shelter elsewhere. At first, the women are devastated by the disgrace their family has brought and the extreme poverty they have fallen into. Only Hua Zhi doesn’t give up. Over time, everyone accepted their fate and tried to survive together.

I have been waiting for this drama since I found out that Zhang Jingyi will be playing her first role in a costume drama. I was very curious how she would cope. Her character is really great. Wise, educated and open to the world. She doesn’t give in to fate, she just takes matters into her own hands. I like such strong heroines and I support her with all my might to get her family out of financial trouble. The rest of the women in the family also positively surprised me. There are no hidden nasty individuals here. They don’t always agree with each other, but in difficult times they try to take care of each other. It touched me very much. What was not taken away from them was their dignity. The family elder is the older version of Hua Zhi. Smart, tough, but sometimes too naive and too dependent on men. She has a lot to learn from her granddaughter on this topic.

There are extremely few men here. I was a bit afraid of the main male character, who was entrusted to the not very popular Hu Yitian. I’ve never watched anything with him, but he doesn’t have very good reviews as an actor. So far it’s not bad. His Gu Yanxi is cool, calm, but domineering and very strong. I don’t know what it will be like when the romance with the main character begins. Then an emotionless face can cause problems. We’ll see.

I’m glad it’s not a typical romance that isn’t even on the horizon after 6 episodes. It’s a story about women in a difficult life situation who have to prove to themselves and others that they can cope without men. I will be happy to accompany them on this journey.

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