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“Cheese in the trap” OST

Drama “Cheese in the trap”, despite some defects, will always remain in my memory, mainly due to the incredibly immersive plot and beautiful soundtrack. When I wanted to choose only my favorite songs, it turned out that I chose 80% of the entire soudtrack. There are also great songs that are not on the official OST.

Kang Hyun Min,¬†feat. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa – “Such”

Tearliner, feat. Kim Go Eun

People and People – “No Sorrow Words”

Tearliner, feat. 5URPRISE – “Fill You, Earse You”

Vanilla Acoustic – “My Time With You”

Tearliner, feat. Yozoh – “I am Love”

Sweden Laundry – “A Little More”

Saltnpaper – “Go”

LoveXStereo – “Hide and Seek”

Instrumental OST


Sentimental Scenery – “First Kiss”

Songs that are not on the official OST (my favorite)

Bluntknees – “Prelude”

No Respect for Beauty – “I am a Shadow”

No Respect for Beauty – “Day of Departure”

Rocoberry – “I’m Fine”

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    1. It’s a very nice drama. Unfortunately, many viewers did not like the end and that is why it is underestimated. I like it though.

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