Drama Drama Review

Dramas that I’m watching now


“Hide and Seek”

I love this drama! This is the only drama that squeezes so many emotions at once. Every week something surprising happens. I do not have time to get bored. It feels a bit of a soap opera and acting sometimes lops, but whatever. There are only two episodes left until the end and I am praying for a happy ending for Min Chae-Rin and Cha Eun-Hyuk. Their relationship is getting stronger. When they work together like a team, they are unbeatable. In the end, all the secrets came to light. Now I am waiting for some intriguing finale.


“Beauty Inside”

I must admit that I watch this series only for Seo Hyun-Jin, because I love her and for this wonderful dog. Lee Min-Ki still does not fit this role. I can not get rid of the impression that if another actor were playing this character, it would be more fun. I miss some more depth in the story. Nothing really happens, it starts to be boring. I watch mainly because it is a good source for my Fashion Monday.


“The Ghost Detective”

Finally, this drama ended. I watched the last episodes just to see how it all ends. Unfortunately, the final totally disappointed me. This did not make sense. I do not know if it’s just me, but the main characters irritated me terribly. I did not feel this chemistry between them. This is my second drama with Daniel Choi and the second one that disappointed me. He probably will not become my favorite actor.


“Where the Stars Land”

I like that this drama belongs to the calmer ones. There are no great dramas, no great secrets and no conflicts. The main pair is extremely sweet, but my attention is more attracted by a pair of bodyguards. I feel a tension between men and women, and I wonder when it will explode.


“Fluttering Warning”

I saw the first 4 episodes. I don’t feel completely convinced with this drama yet, but I like stories with pretend relationships. I will give it a chance.


“Room no.9”

I abandoned this drama after two episodes. Drama wasn’t able to draw me in. I don’t like the main actress, and the plot seems to me to be predictable. Even my favorite actor Kim Young-Kwang doesn’t convince me.

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