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The best OST in dramas in 2019 part III

The time has come for the third and final part of my OST drama favorite list in 2019. I must admit that I left the best songs for last. The drama “Be Melodramatic” surprised me positively. I enjoyed watching this drama, which has one of the best OST this year. I love all the songs, but I chose the ones I still listen to. Interestingly, I didn’t watch the drama “Catch The Ghost”, “One Spring Night” and “Wind Blows”. I found the songs from these series by chance on Spotify and I really liked them. I hope you like them too.

1.”Be Melodramatic”
Jion Yun, Nam Young Joo – Slow Step

2.”Be Melodramatic”
Shin In Ryu – Undecided

3.”Be Melodramatic”
Hyunsang Ha – Moonlight

4.”One Spring Night”
Oscar Dunbar – Spring Rain

5.”Catch The Ghost”
Woosung – Feel My Heart

6.”Wind Blows”
KLANG – I’m Loosing You

7.”Extraordinary You”
STRAY KIDS – Story That Won’t End

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