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FASHION MONDAY 37 – Wonderful costumes from the drama “Arsenal Military Academy”

I finished watching the Chinese drama “Arsenal Military Academy” before the New Year, but somehow there was no time to deal with the beautiful stylings of Qu Manting. In the end I found a moment and decided to share with you these wonderful costumes she was wearing. First of all, I noticed the precision with which the heroine’s entire wardrobe was made. You can see that the materials are of good quality and the jewelry and other accessories look very expensive. These are costumes from historical drama, but their creators gave them a delicate modernity. Some of her stylizations could be dressed even today. I don’t hide that I would see a few of her dresses in my wardrobe. They were just beautiful.

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  1. Do you who is the designer of this dramas costumes?if you know thanplease give me name of designer

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