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I was sure that for WOMEN’S DAY (which we celebrate today in Poland) I want to introduce you to some interesting female characters from Asian dramas. I just didn’t know how to make a choice, because the drama is full of interesting heroines. I began to wonder which of them would be the perfect role model for my daughters. And you know what, it wasn’t that much. There were barely five. When I started to look at my favorite drama heroines in my memory, I thought that I wouldn’t like to have daughters like them. Either hesitantly indecisive or not very confident, or just thinking about getting a guy, or with a Cinderella complex.I chose those women who know what they want, are not afraid to reach for it. They don’t treat men as enemies or rivals, nor do they expect rescue. They want equal partners who will support them. Do you know what surprised me the most? Well, 4 out of 5 female characters come from Chinese dramas. I still can’t get over how often Chinese drama women are independent and have a lot of self-esteem. With these 5 characters you can improve such a perfect role model for all young girls around the world (of course this is my subjective view of the matter).

1.Min Chae Rin (main character of the Korean drama “Hide and Seek”)

hide-and-seek-drama hide-and-seek-drama

Min Chae Rin, despite a very traumatic childhood, managed to grow into a wise and ambitious woman. She worked hard from the youngest to get excellent education and family recognition. As the CEO of a family company, she is very successful. She can control the biggest crisis and defeat every enemy. Her determination and persistence are admirable. She worries about everyone, even the least significant employee of the company and treats everyone with respect.

2.Qu Manting (supporting character from the Chinese drama “Arsenal Military Academy”)

arsenal-military-academy-drama arsenal-military-academy-drama

Qu Manting comes from a wealthy and respected home, but she doesn’t live by the principles her parents follow. She is very confident and financially independent. She earns money as an actress and singer. She leads a crazy life of a star, full of beautiful costumes and crazy parties. She doesn’t try to please anyone and says what she thinks. If she wants something, she tries to get it at all costs. She treats employees and friends very well.

3.Xie Xiang (main character of the Chinese drama “Arsenal Military Academy”)

arsenal-military-academy-drama arsenal-military-academy-drama

Xie Xiang was brought up in a warm, intellectual family. Thanks to this, she has a great self-esteem, which is useful when she has to compete with men from her school. She doesn’t give up despite the weaker physical condition and hard training. In the face of struggle, she is very brave and resolute. She puts herself on par with men, because she has no complexes.

4.Qiu Ying (main character of the Chinese drama “Gank Your Heart”)

gank-your-heart-drama gank-your-heart-drama

She is an ambitious and independent resident of a big city and works hard to pay back the loan for her dream apartment. When she loses her job, she doesn’t break down, she just chooses a new career path and pursues her goal consistently. She knows where she has deficiencies, that’s why she spends long hours learning and exploring a new field of interest. Despite many setbacks, she doesn’t give up.

5.Jiang Chu Chu (main character of the Chinese drama “Cheat My Boss”)

cheat-my-boss-drama cheat-my-boss-drama

A young and ambitious Internet star. She knows that without hard work she will achieve nothing in her industry. She mainly deals with fashion and brand promotion in her social media. Despite many obstacles, she wants to fulfill her biggest dream and nothing can stop her. She decides to start her own company and produce elegant lingerie. She treats all her employees as family members and trusts them very much.

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