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First Impression – “Gen Z”

I love Zao Lusi. I admit I haven’t seen all of her dramas, but I always follow everything she’s in. Her latest drama, “Gen Z” (“Hou Lang”), may seem quite boring to some. The main theme is the study and practice of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

What is this drama about?

Tou Tou is a 19-year-old orphan. Every day he fights for survival by working hard. Her dream is to become a chef. One day, a respected professor, an outstanding socialist in the field of TCM, comes to her. He tells her that she is the only heir to a famous acupuncture clan that is part of TCM. He urges the girl to join the newly created group of apprentices and learn the secrets of TMC with them.

I really like the atmosphere of this drama and its educational value. All information contained in it is based on real TCM practices. I’ve been very interested in this topic lately, so this is the perfect drama for me. I’m only on episode 6, and the drama has as many as 40, so I’m curious how the story of the main characters will develop. The professor’s family and their mutual relations are very interesting. I love his relationship with his wife. They are a harmonious marriage, but not without a spark. Grandparents are great too. The father-son relationship is very dynamic. You can see that the son wants to follow his own path, he had no influence on what family he was born into (and this is an outstanding family where everyone from generation to generation deals with TCM). He is fascinated by Western medicine, but at the same time he tries to learn about the medical traditions of his ancestors.

I must admit, I’m counting on a romantic theme in the style of “from enemies to lovers”. I think Tou Tou and Ren Than Zhen will make a successful duo, despite their rough beginnings.

If someone is interested in traditional Chinese medicine, but also likes a story about family and life, I think he will like this story.

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