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“Celebrity” – the dirty backstage of internet fame

What is this drama about?

Seo Ah-Ri grew up in a wealthy home, but after her father’s bankruptcy, she dropped out of college and works hard to support herself. She is a girl with her feet firmly on the ground, she is not interested in the world of celebrities. By chance, she meets an old friend, now a famous influencer, and this innocent meeting causes Ari to slowly be drawn into the world of internet celebrities. Over time, she becomes one of them.

I started watching #CELEBRITY on Netflix because I needed something to watch while folding laundry. I didn’t expect to be so drawn to this story. I watched this drama in 1 day (12 episodes). I like shows that expose all the dirt that lies behind the wonderful life of the entertainment business. In this case, rich and popular influencers are targeted. It has long been known that being an influencer has long crossed the boundaries of morality, common sense and truth. This drama shows how to create such an influencer, how much money is involved, how such a person’s life is often based on lies and how easy it is to manipulate public opinion to drag them to the bottom and ruin their whole lives.

I really liked the main character, Seo Ah-Ri. She is not afraid to say what she thinks, she is smart and stubborn. When, for a moment, she loses herself in this world full of glitz, she consciously judges the situation and is able to bear the consequences of her behavior. The characters of influencers presented in the drama are terrible. These are the types of people that a normal person tries to avoid at all costs. You can see their lies, manipulation, greed and sense of superiority. Segregation by social class, upper and lower, is quite often marked in this drama. It shows the contempt of the rich towards the poorer ones. And this is probably the sad reality of our times, and not only in Korea.

Some time ago I read a series of articles where the life of influencers was presented from the inside out. It’s not a pretty picture, sometimes it’s even disgusting. I wonder how long such artificially created characters will rule people’s tastes, where is the limit at which they will say stop.

Once again, the figure of an online hater was shown, who is difficult to identify in most cases. Unfortunately, thanks to this, such people don’t suffer the consequences of their shameful actions. As long as people remain anonymous on the Internet, haters will efficiently destroy others.

All the actors did a great job with their roles. I’ve been following #ParkGyuYoung’s career since her supporting role in the drama “Just Between Lovers”. She’s got talent and I’m glad she got the lead role in the drama.

I recommend this short drama (12 episodes) to everyone who wants to see what it really looks like from the other side and how often fallowers of such Internet celebrities are lied to.

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