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“A Lucid Dream” – What is truth and what is illusion?

What is this drama about?

Zhang Yi Meng, who lives in the present day, is convinced that she is a princess who has travelled from the ancient state of Xi, and she tries by all means to return to the past. An unexpected faint brings her back to the ancient state, where everything feels familiar yet strange.

(source – MyDramaList)

Today I would like to recommend you a unique Chinese mini drama. First of all, if you want to watch it, DON’T LOOK FOR ANY INFORMATION about this drama, just watch it (it’s available on YouTube). Thanks to this, you will, like me, be surprised by the many plot twists with which this drama is packed to the ceiling. At first it seems like it’s the same story as hundreds of others, but…….it’s not. Trust me and watch this drama if you like something light, interesting and, above all, surprising. It’s only 18 episodes of 11 minutes each.
I had a great time watching this.

This is probably the shortest drama review I’ve ever written.

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