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School dramas with a mystery

I am a big fan of school dramas and today I would like to recommend stories that have a bit of thrill and some secrets to discover. All three suggestions are Korean dramas that I had a great time watching.

1.Blue Birthday

On the 18th day, Oh Ha Rin gives birth, and Ji Seo Jun, her first love, commits suicide. For the next 10 years, every birthday, Oh Ha Rin returns to this tragic moment. One day she comes into possession of old photos that Ji Seo Jun took. Thanks to them, she has the opportunity to go back in time to the day when the photo was taken and save her loved one from suicide. Will she succeed?
I must admit that I did not expect so many plot twists in this series. I was often surprised by how the writers told the story. The ending is satisfying and makes sense, which is not easy to do with time-travel dramas. There is often a feeling of dissatisfaction that not all the puzzles fit together. They fit here.

2.Revenge Of Others

Ok Chanmi has been living in an orphanage in Busan since very early childhood. When she was 8 years old, her twin brother is adopted and leaves for Seoul. At the age of 18, Ok Chanmi learns that her brother (whom she had regular contact with) committed suicide at his school. The girl suspects that it was not suicide but murder. In order to find out the truth, she transfers to his school and starts a private investigation, during which she learns various information about her brother. There are more and more suspects, everyone has something to hide, also the seemingly calm Ji Soo Heon, who has been helping Ok Chan Mi so far. But how to investigate this case in an environment where everyone is trying to hide something. Even the calm Ji Soo Heon.
It was a very good suspenseful drama. We keep guessing until the very end who is the perpetrator and who is the victim. Great young actors, fast-paced action and very good chemistry between the main pair.

3.Shadow beauty

Koo Ae Jin, a high school student, is bullied at school because of her appearance, which does not fit society’s expectations. Every day she tries to live in the shadow and not get in anyone’s way. She has only one friend, with whom she eats lunch on the roof of the school. But Koo Ae Jin also has a secret that no one knows about. Strong makeup, fashionable clothes and computer photo retouching are the tools that transform her into Genie, a famous social media influencer. One day, someone starts threatening her with revealing her secret.

This was a really good mini drama. Such a school thriller. The many twists in the story kept me entertained and my brain tired. All the characters were very interestingly created. I kept changing my opinion about them. First I hated them, then I despised them, then I pitied them, and so on. A total rollercoaster of feelings.

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