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“My Secret Romance”

What is the story about.

Lee Yoo-Mi and Cha Jin-Wook meet by chance on the bus, on the way to the same hotel. Despite the bad start, on the spur of the moment (and full bottle of wine) they spend one passionate night together. In the morning, the girl disappears, leaving Cha Jin-Wook humiliated and furious. After three years, their paths cross again. This time in the company where he is the director, and she is a newly employed nutrition specialist in the company’s canteen. Shocked and annoyed Jin Wook tries to explain with Yoo-Mi the incident of the past, but she pretends that they have never met.

my-secret-romance meeting on the bus

my-secret-romance my-secret-romance

My opinion.

If You likes a simple, cheesy love story between a handsome rich man and a modest girl, You will definitely like this series. Drama “My Secteret Romanse” is very predictable, but at the same time so addictive and sweet that it’s hard not to watch. I have read many critical reviews and comments, but I can’t agree with them. In my opinion, this series is like a sweet drink after an exhausting day. You only want it to be delicious and give you relaxation. For me, this drama has met these conditions. The chemistry between the main characters is amazing and here I primarily see the great popularity of this drama. Lee Yoo-Mi and Cha Jin-Wook create a charming pair on the screen. I love all their interactions, especially those in the first half of the series. The actors really managed their roles, although it can be seen that they are not professionals in their field. Sung Hoon certainly convinced the audience that he is the king of kisses. Ah, just thinking about this scenes in the car and the pool …:)

my-secret-romance my-secret-romance

my-secret-romance my-secret-romance

In addition to the pair of main characters, there are also other interesting characters, such as  Cha Jin Wook’s  secretary. This is the most colorful person of this production, if we consider clothing and behavior. He and his supervisor are my second favorite couple. Well, let’s not forget about the sexy kitchen helper. I regret that she and the secretary did not have more scenes together.

my-secret-romance my-secret-romance


There is nothing more to write about this rather short drama (13 episodes). It has everything it need to please the audience, romance, a bit of humor, a bit of drama and a beautiful scene of reconciliation. It is a sin to demand something more from this drama than pure entertainment. Watching “My secret romance” is like eating fudge. Your blood sugar level is calling for help, but you still take it because you can not resist. I love it  and will definitely watch it again.



1.A couple of main characters who are absolutely charming.
2.Cool, light humor.
3.A few great scenes, romantic, comic or simply cute. My favorite:
– night in the car (obviously)
– Cha Jin Wook analyzes a charming lunch from Yu Mi (epilogue)
– a playground scene


1.Too much time was wasted on flashbacks at the end of the series.
2.Sometimes not understandable epilogues


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