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Korean grilled pork neck

It’s getting warmer, so it’s time to open the season for grilling. I used this marinade with roasted ribs. It is ideal for pork and poultry. I use it very often for meat roasted on the grill, because it is known that Koreans are grilling masters. If you do not like spicy food you can avoid hot peppers. If, like my mother, you do not like the sweet taste of meat, omit the sugar. As I mentioned before, the gochujang paste can only be bought on the Internet or in special oriental food stores, but the world will not collapse if you do not add it.

-1 kg of pork neck (about 2 pounds)
-1 teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger
-1 small onion
-1 tablespoon of sugar, honey or maple syrup
-2 small cloves of garlic (or 1 large)
-2 tablespoons of soy sauce
-1 teaspoon of sesame oil (can be replaced with other vegetable oil)
-1/2 tablespoons gochugaru (if you do not have a Korean hot pepper, add the hot pepper powder you have)
-2 teaspoons of hot gochujang paste (nothing will happen if you do not have it)

1.Wash the pork neck, cut into thin slices.
2.Onions, garlic and ginger, grate or grind with a blender.

pork-neck pork-neck

3.Add the hot pepper, gochujang paste and mix it.

pork-neck pork-neck

4.Meat mix thoroughly with the marinade. Set aside for a minimum of 1 hour (preferably overnight) and grill it.

pork-neck pork-neck


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