Drama Drama Review

Dramas that I’m watching now

“Clean With Passion for Now”

I like drams like that. After the first two episodes I am enchanted. Drama is a witty, light romantic comedy. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. I love the messiness of the main character. Sometimes when I look at her I see myself. Cleaning is not my strong point, so I will be happy to see how young handsome gentlemen clean up.

“The Last Empress”

I started to watch it because I have sentyment to the drama “King 2 Hearts”. For now, the main character is irritating me. I’m not totally interested in her fate. I hope that the drama will develop more. I will give it a chance because of the evil mistress of the king, who is extremely ambitious and ruthless. Thanks to her something happens here.

 “Fluttery Warning”(“Love Alert”)

This drama is such a peaceful place for me. There is not much going on there, the romance is very calm, but some kind of charming.

“Hide and Seek”

Unfortunately, my favorite autumn drama is over. The end was satisfying for me. You can feel that the culprits haven’t received the right punishment for their guilt, but I really don’t care. The most important thing is that Min Chae Rin received what she wanted with the beloved man at her side. One thing that puzzles me, is whether action with a white truck was needed.

“Beauty Inside”

Many people were delighted with this drama, and somehow I couldn’t get interested. I watched this drama for interesting clothes and this sweet dog. In total, I’m glad that it’s over and I can put something much more interesting in this place.

“Where The Stars Land”

It was a very warm and peaceful series. I am glad that I could see how the big international airport works. I have to admit that instead of the main characters, I was the most supporter of a pair of bodyguards. The chemistry between them was amazing. I was least interested in the story of the older brother, which I moved forward without regret.


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