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Kimchi Fried Rice Kimbap

I love fried rice with kimchi, especially with fried egg. Recently I saw somewhere on the Internet that Koreans are calling this dish in nori and rolling up kimbap. A wonderful combination. Of course, I had to try it. It came out delicious! Such kimbap can be eaten both cold and hot. I liked the warm version the most. I warmed Kimbap pieces for a while on a dry pan. Now I know what I will do with the remains of fried rice with kimchi. Fast and tasty!

Ingredients: for 2 pieces
-3 cups of fried rice with kimchi (with this recipe) – I use 1½ cups on each kimbap
-1 fried egg
-2 sheets of nori

1. Prepare fried rice with kimchi (I use this recipe).


2. Fry the egg.


3. Place 1½ cups of rice on the nori, put a few strips of fried rice in the middle and wrap.

kimchi-fried-rice-kimbap kimchi-fried-rice-kimbap kimchi-fried-rice-kimbap



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