Drama Drama Review

Dramas that I’m watching now


“The Last Empress”

Now I’m watching the 12th episode and I have to say that the drama is very addictive. Secrets of the royal family are multiplying like rabbits, but slowly we are going to discover them. Revenge on the emperor is more and more real, although our main characters must try very hard not to let anyone catch them. I like that there is no romantic relationship between the bodyguard and the empress (for now). Thanks to this we can focus on the action, not love. It’s definitely a drama whose main motive is well-planned revenge, not romance.


“Clean With Passion for Now”

This is my favorite drama of the week. Mondays are wonderful! I love this story, but most of all the main actors. They are both great in their roles. They are hilarious and so sweet at the same time. Despite the large age difference between the actors (12 years), they managed to create amazing chemistry. This is a wonderful romantic comedy, ideal for the stress of everyday life.


“Fluttery Warning”(“Love Alert”)

Unfortunately, despite the charming beginning, this drama turned out to be one of the most boring dramas that I had to see this year. Ever since the bad girl came in with her plan for good, it began to be boring. The scenario became too predictable and even the actors couldn’t save it. What a pity.


“Fates and Furies”

 I liked the first two episodes very much. Drama had such a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, then the action faded a bit. There are too many slow shots and too long looks between the characters. Maybe that’s why this drama seems so slow. I like the main actors and that’s why I decided to continue watching. I hope something will finally start to happen.

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