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My 5 favorite couples in k-dramas

Since I fell in love with the latest drama “Extraordinary You”, I began to wonder which couples in Damaland have brought me as much emotions as Ha-Ru and Eun Dan-O. I reviewed all the dramas that I watched and chose five couples who, in my opinion, developed something more than just a simple romance. I can watch the scenes of these couples without getting bored and that decided about my choice.

1.Extraordinary You

Eun Dan-O and Ha-Ru are a couple who have raised drama standards very high. They are bound by incredibly pure and great love, but they are also soulmates. They are like two halves of one apple. Eun Dan-O is the meaning of life for Ha-Ru. He is able to sacrifice everything for her. Thanks to him, she finally feels like the main heroine of her own life, she begins to appreciate every moment of it. Ha-Ru’s warm smile and his simple honest confessions have repeatedly strained Eun Dan-O’s weak heart. Their love is beautiful and sweet as honey, but also tragic and painful.




2.Just between lovers

Once, in a commentary to this drama, I read that Lee Gang-Doo and Ha Moon-Soo fit together like two puzzles. I liked the term very much because it is very true. They share a common trauma, but each of them deals with it in a different way. After years of suffering, they find the support and understanding they needed so much, but no one else could give it to them. He teaches her that she does not have to accept her fate, that sometimes she has to shout. She, in turn, gives his life meaning. She awakens in him the desire to take care of his own life.





It’s one of those couples who didn’t like each other at first, but over time they began to feel something about each other. Unfortunately, the action of the whole drama lasted a maximum of several days, so our heroes had neither the time nor the opportunity to develop this relationship into a serious romance. Here, the writers treated the subject very realistically. In my opinion, Lee Hae-Sung and Jung Ddol-Mi were the best part of this drama. From the beginning it sparked very much between them. I liked watching them argue, work together, and start trusting each other. I miss the second season that would show how their relationship is developing.




4.School 2017

Ra Eun-Ho and Hyun Tae-Woon are one of the coolest school couples. Their relationship developed very slowly. It was such a long way – first they had a common goal, then friendship, and finally love. From the beginning there is chemistry between them. Positive Ra Eun-Ho and still irritated Hyun Tae-Woon form a harmonious team in the fight against school injustices. Thanks to Ra Eun-Ho, Hyun Tae-Woon becomes the perfect material for a boyfriend. He became supportive, dedicated and charmingly jealous (without losing his mischief and confidence).

Here you can read the entire review of this drama.




5.Hide and Seek

This relationship begins with hatred. At first, they only had a common enemy, but over time they learn that they have more in common than they thought. They both had a sad and traumatic childhood. They don’t judge each other, they trust each other. They can understand their mutual decisions and choices. After years of suffering, they find within themselves a piece of the family that they have longed for so much and for which they are able to sacrifice a lot.




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