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The best drama OST in 2019 – part I

It is time to choose the best drama songs in 2019. I think that the most interesting soundtracks in 2019 were in two dramas – “Be melodramatic” and “Search: WWW”.Of course, my choice is based only on subjective feelings. I realize that not everyone has to like everything, but I focused mainly on songs that I could listen to forever. A lot of it gathered, so I decided to choose only the best ones and divide the whole list. Today is the first part.

1.”The Last Empress”
Gaho-Not Over
Although this drama began in 2018, but it didn’t end until 2019, that’s why I put the song on the list.

2.”He is Psychometric”



5.”Sky Castle”
Ha-Jin- We All Lie

6.“Sky Castle”
About-It Has To Be You

7.”Be Melodramatic”
Nam Young Joo-Smell

8.”Extraordinary You”

9.”Failing in Love”

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