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Best supporting characters in 2019

What a good drama would be without great supporting characters. Sometimes it happens that supporting characters steal the whole show and it’s mainly for them that you watch this particular drama. I found a few supporting characters without which the story would be incomplete.

“Be Melodramatic”

Crazy nervous director – I love his thread. As it turned out that his thread was developed, I jumped for joy. I think he and Lee Eun-Jung go together very well. I supported them a lot. They had amazing chemistry because they’re both weirdos. I should add this pair to the best couples in 2019.



A spoiled actress – irritating at first, but over time I really liked her simple perception of the world. Her love thread was charming.



“Extraordinary You”

Lee Do Hwa – everyone dreams of such a friend. His self-criticism was one of the funniest parts of the drama. Together with Eun Dan-O and Haru they formed an unforgettable team.



“Failing in Love”

Lee Si-Eon – At first he actually looks like a psychopath, but when I got to know him better, I couldn’t resist his magnetism. I supported his crush.




Scarlette – She is a character who definitely took over all the drama. Strong and delicate at the same time. I loved her the moment she helped Tammy destroy the car without unnecessary questions. Epic Scene!



“Hotel del Luna”

Goo Chung-myung – the character of the general is the only character (except Man-Wol) for whom it was worth watching this drama. I watched only for their relationship. There was an extraordinary bond between them. It is a pity that it ended so sadly.



“Her private life”

Best Friend – I loved her life wisdoms

Crazy Boss – a colorful bird, I loved her crazy stylizations and eccentric behavior.



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