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FASHION MONDAY # 52 – men’s shirts and sandals in the drama “Yumi’s Cells”

I fell in love with the drama “Yumi’s Cells” when Gu Woong, the undeniably handsome Ahn Bo Hyun, appeared on the screen. I loved his character and to this day I mourn the fact that Woong and Yumi’s relationship ended in a break-up. But not about that today. What caught my attention was Woong’s unique fashion style, especially in summer. This man didn’t part with his sandals. He even dressed them with shirts. Honestly, the shirt, shorts and sandals were new to me. But overall this style suited him. Such a neat, yet casual outfit was a perfect reflection of Woong. The man had his own company, so he didn’t have to squeeze into boring suits every day. He could allow himself freedom in fashion, but he never allowed himself to be sloppy. He was a freak of cleanup, so that probably explains it all. It’s not my style, but it was interesting to watch.

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