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“The World You Are Missing” – school drama with educational values

Yoo Jubi is an 18-year-old girl who has been living in the spotlight as a teenage idol for 4 years. Unfortunately, every day she has to face unflattering comments on the web about herself. Even the closest people are not trustworthy. Her only remedy for sad moments is to escape into the world of her favorite novel – a typical school story about first love. Whenever she feels bad, she imagines that the main character supports her. After another hard day full of bad comments, Jubi suddenly finds herself in her favorite novel. The biggest surprise is that she played the role of an evil character who makes life miserable for the main character. She tries her best to change that and fix all the wrongs.

I am a huge fan of the drama Extraordinary You, which is why I eagerly reached for this title. However, the two dramas are very different. The World You Are Missing is primarily much shorter (20 episodes of 25 minutes). There are no higher powers like in Extraordinary you or specific rules that govern this world. The lack of specific threats after violating the original plot of the novel gives the main character more freedom in her actions. In addition to Jubi’s adventures, the drama is designed to convey certain values. It’s kind of like an educational drama. During her time in the novel, Jubi teaches others what she has learned in her own world. There are a lot of very important issues that affect young people today.

What can we learn from this drama:

-Secretly recording others and posting it online without their consent is a crime, it can hurt them.

– People don’t care about the truth. They just need gossip and victims.

– If something is unpleasant for you, if you like something, tell it to others, no one will guess how you feel.

-Accepting yourself, your appearance, not giving in to the pressure of being perfect.

-You have to love and respect yourself.

– Planning for the future. What others expect is not always what you really want to do in life. Do what you want so you don’t regret it later.

– Everyone needs to be given a chance to change, sometimes people hurt others unconsciously.

Just like in the classic school drama, we also have a love triangle here. Unfortunately, I am not convinced about the choice of actor for the main male character. In my opinion, he lacks charm and charisma. And to be honest, it bothered me a bit. The male supporting character is a completely different story. He is definitely better and made a much better duo with the main character. But as you know, dramaland has its own rules.

If the drama didn’t have this educational content, I have to admit it would be a very average high school romance. There were some nice supporting characters, and the main character is a beautiful and nice girl, but it would still not be enough to match the drama of Extrordinary You. The greatest advantage of this story is its educational value conveyed in a very subtle way. You can see that the main target of this production are teenagers, who very often are left alone with their problems. I’m glad that Korea is starting to produce productions that not only show violence in schools, but also those that point to a specific problem and teach how to fix it.

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