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“A Familiar Stranger” – when someone steals your face

Shen Qin, the daughter of the prime minister, has a fiery affair with Prince Ning, but is engaged to the powerful general Xiao Han Sheng. To avoid this marriage, she uses secret magic and switches faces with a modest painter, Shi Qi. A blackmailed girl has no choice. She has to pretend to be Shen Qin in front of her future husband. However, fate can be fickle. Her future spouse is the man who once saved Shi Qi’s life. They have both remembered each other ever since.

I watched this chinese drama on a regular basis when it came out last fall (2022). I don’t know how it happened, but I forgot to recommend it here.

The drama is very short (18 episodes of 10 minutes) but very cute. The story is engaging, there is chemistry between the main couple, there is a moment of surprise and the cutest little girl in the world. The two main actors did a great job. Ryan Cheng is masculine, strong and seductive. He is a beautiful general who still hasn’t forgotten his first love and soon starts to suspect his newly married wife. You can’t fool your instincts when it comes to your soul mate and the love of your life.

Both actresses played a very believable exchange of faces and personalities. I had no doubt which face was hiding a particular girl. The story begins quite darkly, but it is full of romantic moments and subtle humor, which was mainly the responsibility of the general’s military adviser, privately his friend.

It’s really a very good quality drama that will bring only good moments. Unfortunately, the subtitles are rather poor quality, but as you know, that never stops me from watching a good drama.

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