Drama First impression

First Impression – The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

What’s drama about?

The drama tells the story of a noble girl whose difficult family situation forced her to earn a living by running an inn. Her inn is not very popular with visitors, as there were rumors that it was haunted by the ghost of a young unhappy woman. Fate finally brings her three young men who are preparing for state exams. The four of them often spend time together, and an exceptionally close relationship quickly develops between them. Over time, it turns out that each of them has something to hide, even Yoon Dan-O. Unfortunately, things are starting to go wrong in the country. The Emperor is a power-crazed man who smells conspiracies everywhere. He is cruel to anyone who dares to oppose him. Nobody even expects that Yoon Dan-O and her new tenants will be involved in the affairs of the state.

I started this drama mainly because of the cast. I like Shin Ye Eun and Ryeoun from their previous dramas and I was curious how they would do in the historical series. This is not an outstanding story, but from episode to episode it gives more and more joy to the viewer who tries to figure out who is who and what secrets he hides. It’s pure entertainment. Plus, the chemistry between the main characters is really great. And I’m not just talking about the main beautiful couple here. It’s a great pleasure to see the four of us together. Everyone got along very quickly and created a unique team that tries to support each other at every step. Thanks to them, Yoon Dan-O found a substitute for the family she had been missing for so long. Finally, there is someone who cares for her, because all her young life, she mainly cared for others and took care of her father’s inheritance.

I’m halfway through the drama and I already know all the secrets that our heroes hide, but what they will do next and what will be the consequences of their life choices will turn out over time.

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