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First Impression – “You Are Desire”

I love this drama! I’ve been looking for a good high school romantic drama for months. I had 3 approaches to titles that everyone loved (When I Fly Towards You, Hidden Love, Exclusive Fairytale) and I couldn’t get into these titles. I was constantly missing that “something”, that spark. Either it was too boring (Hidden Love) or the lead actress annoyed me (WIFTY, EF). Finally, I saw the premiere of You Are Desire and after the first minutes I already knew that it would be my next drama love.

What is this drama about?

Lin Yu Jing goes to visit his father for a few days. He has started a new family after the divorce and she is supposed to meet them. In the meantime, it turns out that her mother did not inform her that she gave custody of her to her father, and she left. The girl loses her previous life day by day and must quickly find herself in a new place, with a new family and an unfavorable father. Over time, she meets wonderful friends with whom she spends a lot of time. Among them is Shen Juan, her classmate, the school bad boy. They both get along great almost immediately, support and trust in everything. The girl’s school life is perfect. Unfortunately, everything is spoiled by the return of her mother.

I feel like this drama didn’t have as much support as When I Fly Towards You (with the same lead actor) and in my opinion this drama is much better. The chemistry between the main couple reminds me of Lighter and Princess, mostly in those wonderful glances full of unspoken feelings and how well they understand each other. But there are no emotional rollercoasters like in L&P. The actors are well chosen. It is enough for the main couple to be on screen together and sparks appear between them. Shen Juan has an incredibly intense gaze, so innocent on one side and heart-burning on the other. Not every actor can do that. Together with the main actress, they form a very even duo. The character of Lin Yu Jing is sensational. Strong and brave, but at the same time sensitive and kind. She is far from sweet and naive girls. With the total lack of support from her parents, she grew up to be a really great girl.

The story is wonderfully normal. There are a lot of emotions, but they mainly stem from the adult world surrounding the main characters (parents and guardians), which the main couple has no influence on until a certain point. They both try to survive various turbulences in their lives, they know what they want and strive for the goal. Their love develops slowly, but from the beginning they are terribly attracted to each other. Their relationship is very calm, but it doesn’t bore me at all (as usual in such cases, because I like the emotions of enemies to lovers). Chemistry pours out of the screen in buckets. Their glances, smiles and mutual deep spiritual bond is all that a good romantic story needs. Plus a beautiful OST, especially the opening, and we have the perfect school drama.

The sister-brother relationship deserves special attention. Despite their rough beginnings, their relationship was exceptional. Such an older brother is a treasure. It’s worse with her mother and father, but our heroine had no influence on it.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch this drama. Episodes are coming out on You Tube. There are probably 7 of them (out of 14 available). The subtitles are not of the best quality, but everything is perfectly understandable. I hope all 30 episodes will be as great.

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