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First Impression – “Supervisor Husband”

I love mini dramas. They are short, focused on the story and are a great break between long series. I came across the drama “Supervisor Husband” by accident. The good reviews made me watch it. One episode lasts about 7 minutes. It’s a romantic comedy in which they laugh at most of the patterns found in costume dramas.

What is this drama about?

Sheng Xia works as an actress and kissing coordinator for movies. By some twist of fate, she ends up in a game based on a comic book. She has to stick to the script, bond with the main male character, and then go back to her reality. She will be helped by the game manager, whom she can summon with a snap of her fingers. Her character is the daughter of the prime minister who cures poison with a kiss. This first healing kiss is the most important, because it binds the characters with a mysterious bond. Her mission is to win the prince’s heart, but fate has it that the first kiss must be given to Shen Shiya, who plays the villain in the story.

It’s a really light and funny story. Episodes are very short so it’s quick to watch. The great thing about this drama is the characters. The main couple has very nice chemistry. The male lead definitely attracts attention. He is calm and cool, but over time he starts to look at Sheng Xia with more and more interest. They also have a lot of kissing scenes. The funniest characters are the prince narcissist and the main character’s sister, who writes cheesy romances based on her sister’s love life.

This drama is a nice break from long and serious series, where you have to remember what, who, where and why. I remember the main actress from the great mini-drama “A Familiar Stranger”, but I see the main actor for the first time and he made a very good impression on me. His Shen Shinyi is cool on the one hand, and so velvety on the other. He is not violent towards the main girl and has an incredibly soft look when he looks at her.

I just love the character of the self-absorbed prince. He is the funniest part of the story. He and the main character’s sister make a hilarious duo. “Supervisor Husband” is a great cure for blues or bad weather outside the window.

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