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“Deliberations Of Love” – What will you do when life gives you a third chance?

What is this drama about?

Liu Yueqing is the wife of Prince Pei Xun. Unfortunately, his political ambitions force them both to drink poison. Before her death, the girl regrets marrying him and wishes never to meet him in the next life. Fate heard her pleas and Liu Yueqing wakes up and finds that she has traveled back in time. She is trying to survive at all costs this time, but will fate be favorable to her since Pei Xun is still her husband. As the popular saying goes, three times a charm.

It’s a very short drama (24 episodes x 10 min) but very cute. I’ve already watched it three times and I never get bored of it. The main actors weren’t known to me before (or I didn’t pay much attention to them), but after this drama I will definitely be waiting for their new projects. Zhao Jia Min is beautiful and charming. Her beauty is mesmerizing. She had well-chosen costumes and hairstyle that made her look like a beautiful fairy. Richard Li has a beautiful face, with perfect proportions. It would seem that a man of such delicate beauty would not be able to play an unyielding, confident and tough ruler, but he managed to do it. His prince is extremely attractive. Calm, cool, but also stubborn and often uncompromising, and one of his smiles can melt an iceberg.

Liu Yueqing wants to live a boring and safe life at all costs. In her third life, she stubbornly avoids Prince Pei Xun so that their fates do not intertwine again. Unfortunately, she cannot forget the feeling she had with Pei Xun. It turns out that despite everything, they created a happy and loving marriage in their first life. Over time, Pei Xun also remembers their moments together from their previous lives and tries at all costs to seduce his beloved again. However, she still resists because every time they were married it ended in the tragic death of both of them.

There’s a lot going on in this drama for such short episodes. There is a runaway fiancĂ©e, a new candidate for a husband, flirtations and even a military conspiracy. You can not get bored .

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