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Mini dramas about beautiful love, perfect for Valentine’s Day

Are You craving a romantic, love-filled drama but don’t have time for all those long episodes? I have a solution for you – mini dramas! On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I recommend you 3 Chinese mini dramas in which the main theme is love. It so happens that all three proposals are costume dramas, with beautiful actors and actresses and an amazing atmosphere. You can read more about these dramas on the blog.

1.Butterflied Lover

Ling Chang Feng is the local commander who keeps order in the city. He lives a happy life with his young and beautiful wife Tang Qian Yue. During the New Year celebrations, scary human figures appear in the city and attack the inhabitants. One of the victims is Chan Feng’s wife, who, as it turns out, hid a dark secret of her origin from her husband. Ling Chang Feng knows that if this comes to light, his wife is in mortal danger. He tries to protect her at all costs and help her regain herself.
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2.A Familiar Stranger

Shen Qin, the daughter of the prime minister, has a fiery affair with Prince Ning, but is engaged to the powerful general Xiao Han Sheng. To avoid this marriage, she uses secret magic and switches faces with a modest painter, Shi Qi. A blackmailed girl has no choice. She has to pretend to be Shen Qin in front of her future husband. However, fate can be fickle. Her future spouse is the man who once saved Shi Qi’s life. They have both remembered each other ever since.
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3.Deliberations of Love

Liu Yueqing is the wife of Prince Pei Xun. Unfortunately, his political ambitions force them both to drink poison. Before her death, the girl regrets marrying him and wishes never to meet him in the next life. Fate heard her pleas and Liu Yueqing wakes up and finds that she has traveled back in time. She is trying to survive at all costs this time, but will fate be favorable to her since Pei Xun is still her husband. As the popular saying goes, three times a charm.
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