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“My Perfect Stranger” – the past has more secrets than you think

What is this drama about?

A young journalist, Yoon Hae Joon, finds a mysterious car on the side of a provincial town, which turns out to be a time machine. Thanks to this, he goes back to the times of his parents’ youth. When he travels back to the past once again, he unexpectedly gets involved with Baek Yoon Young, whose world has collapsed. During their journey, they learn the stories of their families and try to solve the mystery of the women’s murders.

It was a good drama, although not perfect. I had a great time. The crime plot was very important, but I think that the best thing about this drama are the personal stories of each character. Thanks to this, we could get to know them better, understand at least a little about their motives and observe complicated family relationships. Thanks to this, the characters were multidimensional and while watching their story, I shed a tear many times.

The criminal plot was handled very well. The viewer is constantly surprised and led astray. With each episode they give us a different potential suspect and then laugh in our faces. My brain was red hot and my types kept changing. Everyone looked like a potential murderer.

Unfortunately, I also have to complain about a few things in this drama. Throughout the entire drama, I was waiting for an explanation of the motive behind the crime. I was more interested in this than the figure of the murderer himself. Unfortunately, the solution to this mystery left me a bit disappointed. The focus was on constantly confusing clues, on confusing the viewer’s mind, but for me there was no decent motive, which in my opinion was quite unbelievable here. Personally, I was disappointed that it wasn’t given more attention.

I also lacked chemistry between the main couple. I’m not a fan of the main actors, for me they are too uncharacteristic. I didn’t feel their relationship at all and their romance was forced. It may be the fault of the scriptwriters, who forgot throughout the entire drama that a relationship is built slowly and even small gestures are very important. I wouldn’t mind if the main characters stayed just friends. It would be more credible.

It is also a pity that the drama didn’t show us the fate of some quite important characters. It would be nice to know that they also received justice.

Despite many reservations about this production, I think it is a very interesting drama and worth watching. You have to turn a blind eye to a few flaws and have fun. If you like stories where nothing seems to be what it really is, the scriptwriters are messing with your heads, and the murderer can be practically anyone, this is a drama for you.

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