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“Night of Love with You” – When you’re playing a role that’s not yours

What is this drama about?

The main character is a professional villain in the novels. She has a lot of experience and is very good at what she does. After another completed story, QiQi gets another job. This time she’s going to get into a cheesy love story in which the main character is allergic to all women. The exception, of course, is the good, poor and virtuous main character who has heart problems, but when she kisses the main character (or someone with his family genes) then the symptoms of the disease disappear. QiQi got the role of the evil and jealous Song Ruoyun. Unfortunately, it turns out that she accidentally entered the role of the main girl and messed up the plot. Her ally becomes Leng Ye Han, male lead’s enemy and revenge-seeking half-brother.

I like mini dramas. It’s a good break from longer series, and this drama is great entertainment. The main girl is smart, cunning and stubborn. When she met Leng Ye Han, you could say she’ve met her match . Their scenes together are the best part of this drama. The actors created a great duo bursting with incredible chemistry and subtle humor. QiQi and Leng Ye Han have similar characters that attract each other. They want to achieve their goals at all costs and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Their cooperation must pay off for both. Over time, they begin to trust each other and grow closer, but the plot of the original novel has other plans for them.

There’s always a problem with this type of story at the end of a drama. Everyone is curious how the creators will solve these troubles of lovers who should have their happy ending. In this case, the writers were able to give us a believable and satisfying end to the story.

This drama breaks down the cheesy clichés in dramas where the main girls are poor and good by nature, and the only way out of a difficult life situation is the love of a traumatized rich heir. This time the story focused on those characters who are always trying to mess up the plot – to separate lovers or to take revenge. This completely changes the point of view. They are the most important here and their story is the most interesting.

I highly recommend this drama to anyone looking for a quick and funny story. You can watch all the episodes in less than 4 hours, so it’s the perfect mini-drama.

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