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“Perfect Marriage Revenge” – when looking for revenge, you can find true love

What is this drama about?

Han Yi Joo is a painter adopted by Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye. Her father runs Hanwool Financial Group. However, Han Yi Joo was never loved by either her parents or her younger sister Han Yoo Ra. She always felt isolated from her family. Han Yi Joo is Jung Se Hyeok’s wife. Unexpectedly, she finds out that her husband Jung Se Hyeok loves her sister Han Yoo Ra and not her. On the same day, Han Yi Joo has a car accident and dies. When Han Yi Joo wakes up, she goes back to the time when she was still engaged to Jung Se Hyeok. To change her fate and take revenge on her family, she breaks off the engagement. She then contacts Seo Do Guk, whom her younger sister Han Yoo Ra wants to marry. Seo Do Guk is the grandson of the founder of the Taeja Group. He is a smart and handsome young man. Han Yi Joo wants to enter into a contract marriage with Seo Do Guk, who willingly agrees to it, provided that the marriage is real and not fake.

It’s been a long time since I watched similar dramas that revolve around wealthy elites. There was a time when I loved watching the story of young, rich and spoiled heirs to vast Korean fortunes, but that was a long time ago. “Perfect Marriage Revenge” is a short, simple and quite predictable story, but I still enjoyed watching it. After the first episode, I thought I wouldn’t be able to like the main character because she was a terrible victim of fate, but when she showed her claws, I immediately loved her and supported her very much. As it later turned out, the most pathetic character in this story was her former fiancĂ©/husband.

The romance was ok, although for me there weren’t enough sparks between the main couple. I have the impression that it is a matter of the director not being able to extract these subtle gestures and furtive glances from the actors. Everything seemed to be fine, according to the typical pattern, but there was still something missing.

The action was fast, there were no unnecessary delays, the bad guys were bad to the core, the good guys were good until the end and everyone got what they deserved. The characters were rather one-dimensional, there was no room for existential problems, but that didn’t stop me from watching. This drama delivered what it had, a good story about effective revenge with all the more or less absurd threads that are always present in stories about the rich.

The acting could have been better, especially in supporting roles, but the main actress shined on the screen. She first caught my attention in the drama “Celebrity”, where she played an unimportant character, but she was able to effectively etch herself in my memory. I will definitely follow her career, because the girl has potential.

If someone wants a story with a second chance at life and revenge, I recommend this drama. It’s a good 12-episode story that won’t let you get bored.

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