“Blossoms In Adversity” – first impression

What is this drama about? Hua Zhi is one of the granddaughters of an important court official. As a child, she often traveled with her grandfather and, as a result, she has an extremely open mind. She is still learning about the world, and treats potential marriage as something necessary that must happen. Unfortunately, overnight, […]

The rich interiors of the Forbidden City in the drama “Dreaming Back To The Qing Dynasty”.

While watching the Chinese drama “Dreaming Back To Qing Dynasty”, I paid particular attention to the richly decorated interiors, traditional paintings on the walls, beautiful ceramics and dark wood furniture. Personally, I would get tired in such cluttered interiors, but it didn’t stop me from watching them on the screen with bated breath. It’s amazing […]

First Impression – “Gold Panning”

I must admit that I started watching this drama because of Chen Feiyu. After “Lighter and Princess” I watch everything that was made with him. I like him a lot, the way he plays, the timbre of his voice and his look. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have reached for this title because […]