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FASHION MONDAY #4 – last week fashion in dramaland

The last episode of the drama “Radio Romans” was broadcast last week. It was was my main source of fashion inspiration. And what am I going to do now? Even in the last week, Mrs. Nam and Ra Ra-Hee haven’t let me down. I will sum up their wardrobe and style in another post. I started the promising Taiwanese drama “Meet Me at 1006”. The main character’s style was not cleared up yet, but I liked her lace dresses. We will see what will happen next.

„Radio Romance”
This style of Mrs. Nam really appealed to me. Lace blouse gives a romantic and delicate character, black pants accentuate her mature elegance and professionalism, and long, beautiful earrings make the whole look very modern.

„Radio Romance”
I love such skirts. I have two in the closet. The whole outfit is beautifully composed due to its style and color. Unfortunately, these colors totally don’t match my skin type and hair color, so I have to admire the beautiful Ra Ra-Hee, which looks amazing.

„Eulachacha Waikiki”
For some time now the combination of pink and red is very fashionable. This season too. So-ha of course knows about it, and even at home, she is dressed in the latest trends. The picture doesn’t show this clearly, but the sweater is sewn with red sequins and the lace skirt reaches to the knee.

A wonderful coat. With this black belt and beautiful blue blouse it looks perfect.

„Great Seducer”
If you like a combination of the romantic style of a girl and rock lady, then you will definitely like this stylization. Delicate dress, leather ramones and branded little purse, perfectly match the beautiful Soo-Ji style.

On Pinterest, I found a few different models of bags from this company and I love some of them. Unfortunately, the prices kills me.

„Meet Me At 1006”
I like such dresses. As for me, they could be a bit longer, but in general, such a lace style suits me very well.

Personally, I do not like military style, but a jacket with these necklaces creates very nice composition.

„Mystery Queen 2”
As usual, my attention was caught by the earrings (I love all the circle earings), but it turned out that the coat is quite interesting. Unfortunately, the picture only shows a piece, but you can imagine how wonderful can be a beige woolen coat embroidered with pearls.

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