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FASHION MONDAY #5 – Fashion For Women In Their 40’s in “Radio Romance” drama

This week I decided to summarize the fashion of Mrs. Nam and Ra Ra-Hee from the drama “Radio Romance”. Both are beautiful women 40+ and each of them had its own unique style. At their age, I’d like to look half as good as they are.

There was no scene in which Mrs. Nam would look bad or not fashionable. Even when she was sad and lay on the couch, she wore an elegant blouse and lace skirt. Her character never allowed herself any concessions regarding fashion. Clothes, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup have always shown a high fashion. It was different with Ra Ra-Hee. As a representative of a creative profession (author of texts for radio broadcasts), she allowed herself to be lightly negligent in her stylizations. This was evident in her tangled hair, careless hair buns and colored spectacle frames that always perfectly matched the rest of the outfit. Her clothes were definitely more youthful. Mrs. Nam would never allow herself to wear a sweatshirt or faded jeans.

Mrs. Nam fashion style.








Ra Ra-Hee fashion style.












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    1. I like it very much, that glasses are also an important element of the whole stylization.

  1. Her fashion style is perfect for the high class society. 🙂 I think you’d also look good on these. 🙂

  2. Wow… This was really amazing… I’m surely sharing this with my sister… 😛 She’ll love it… Thanks for sharing… Keep going… 🙂

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