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Vegan bulgogi with white mushrooms

I love bulgogi. I used to make real beef bulgogi and it came out delicious. It’s probably one of the few meat Korean dishes that does not make my tongue burn. Recently, I am passionate about the recipes of vegan cuisine and decided to make vegan bulgogi using mushrooms. The sweet-salty marinade fits perfectly with white mushrooms. I followed the recipe of Maangchi when I prepared this dish. She is the best!

-250g of white mushrooms
-1 large sliced carrot
-2 chopped green onions
-1/2 onion

-1/2 grated pear
-3 small cloves of garlic
-1 flat teaspoon of grated ginger
-2 tablespoons of soy sauce
-1 tablespoon of sugar
– a pinch of ground black pepper

1.Cut the mushrooms and onion into thin slices. Cut the green onions and carrots.

vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi

2.Mix all the ingredients of the marinade. Add the marinade to the mushrooms and vegetables, mix everything thoroughly and leave to stand for a minimum of 1 hour.

vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi

3.Fry marinated mushrooms in a pan or grill. Serve with rice or wrap in kimbap.

vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi vegan-bulgogi



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