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First impression – “Begin Again”

Briefly, the plot of the new Chinese drama “Begin Again” (or „We Started Dating From Marriage”) looks like this, she – a rich, CEO of a large corporation must get married quickly in order to rule the company. He – a handsome, extremely good and sensitive surgeon captivates her with his calmness. His family owes her a lot of money, so she offers him a fake marriage for a year. He resists for a long time, but finally agrees.

begin-again begin-again begin-again

I was curious about this drama because it is rare for a woman to be the dominant figure. Lu Fangning is smart, effective and confident. She always gets what she wants, and the most important thing for her is her family business. I like such female characters in dramas because they are so different from all those complex girls who are looking for a prince charming. Unfortunately, after 6 episodes, I will not continue this drama. I miss something from the young doctor. I know that he is supposed to be such a total opposite of the main character, but he didn’t seduce me. He seems too boring for her.

begin-again begin-again begin-again

The plot seems too predictable. Of course, they get married, move in together and start to fall in love with each other. As for the actors, I have no major reservations, although I miss such exceptional chemistry here. Zhou Yu Tong as the main actress is definitely better than her partner. She is full of energy and is very convincing in her role. It’s a pity, I thought it would be a drama that would interest me.

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