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FASHION MONDAY#49 – Luxury fashion and three strong women in the drama “MINE”

MINE drama is very addictive. So many secrets, strong female characters, wonderful interiors, art and beautiful clothes. Each of the actresses dresses up several times in one episode. Even when they go to sleep, they look like a million dollars. The clothes are luxurious, classic, but not boring. I like the Hee-Soo clothes the most. Its style is a combination of classic and modern in one. I love her colorful clothes.

Seo Hyun wears more muted straight cut clothes. He rarely allows himself color. Her style reflects her character. Always vigilant and always ready to defend the family against scandal.

From the very first moment, Kang Ja Kyung looks like a luxurious governess from the 19th century. All these dresses and frills look very retro. She always looks beautiful and immaculate, it’s hard to take your eyes off her.

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