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I started my 2021 summary at the beginning of December, but something told me to wait with the publication. Back in December I was catching up with some dramas and I’m glad I waited as I made some important changes. I am sure that the dramas from 2021 will accompany me in 2022. I wasn’t able to watch everything I had on the list. It was physically impossible. The beginning of the year was not very interesting, but a flood of interesting titles started in the summer. This THE BEST OF 2021 ranking is the first summary. The most interesting dramas and favorite OST are waiting for you. Of course, all choices are extremely subjective.


“My Name” – Han So-hee

Until today, I will associate Han Soo Hee the most with the beautiful and seductive Yeo Da-Kyung from the drama “The World Of Married”. When I saw her as a young avenger in the drama “My Name”, she delighted me with her transformation. Her character is tough, fierce and blindly seeking revenge. For Yoon Ji-Woo, it’s all about purpose, not common sense and sentiment. Athletic, without makeup and often smeared with blood, she doesn’t resemble the characters from her previous dramas. She impressed me very much with this role. She had to undergo hard physical training and master numerous martial arts. It turned out beautiful. Her character can knock down a dozen big guys without batting an eye. And with this she won my heart.


“D.P.” – Jung Hae In

“Snowdrop” – Jung Hae In

I have always associated Jung Hae In with calm and sensitive characters. His dramas were rather calm and sentimental. Because of him, I decided to watch “D.P.” and “Snowdrop”. Both roles are brilliant. They differ from each other but have similar dynamics. In both cases, the character Jung Hae In is a member of the military, where he must fight in hand-to-hand combat and use weapons. In “D.P.” he plays the simple, introverted Ahn Joon Ho with great intuition, who catches deserters, while in “Snowdrop” he is a North Korean spy who wants to complete his mission at all costs. Jung Hae In is a great actor and I’m glad he found his way into more dynamic dramas as well.


It was a very difficult choice for me. This year I didn’t have any drama that would knock me to my knees in any special way. I didn’t find the perfect drama, so I decided to choose an exceptional drama. It is “Yumi’s Cells”. Here is a full description of my impressions.


“My Name” – Mediocre Life

It was hard to choose only one song. I chose Mediocre Life from the drama “My Name” because of this great rhythm reminiscent of the best songs of the 80’s. I am a child of the 80’s so the choice was obvious. This song pumped up every fight scene of the main character, and as I’ve mentioned many times before, I love strong girls who beat naughty boys.



Great and original interiors. Very often, when the houses of the rich are shown in dramas, they are dominated by kitsch and exaggeration. In the drama “Mine” you could see elegance, great love for art and design. These are not interiors for everyone. I wouldn’t be able to live in interiors that resemble a kind of modern art museums, but I cannot deny their magnificence. It was a real pleasure to look at all of this.



All three characters in this drama were beautiful and elegant. Their dress code suited each of them. Beautiful outfits matched beautiful interiors. If you want to take a look at this great fashion styles, you can find more here.


“Law School” – Han Joon Hwi and Kang Sol [A]

If the main couple in drama “Law School” had a specific romantic time, they would be my favorite couple of the year. Their friendship, flirting and mutual understanding was the best part of this drama. I missed romance here, so they became the best couple of friends with romance potential.

“Adult Trainee” (couple from episode 3,4,5)-Kim Nam Ho and Ban Yu Ra

For me, this drama can only be limited to the second couple (their story is in 3,4,5 episode). The chemistry between them and the dynamics of their relationship was perfect. They have come a wonderful journey from childhood friends, through fake dating to a hot couple with amazing kisses.



“The Great Shaman Ga Do Shim” (ep 7 ending)

I love this scene. For me, it’s one of the sweetest and most romantic scenes in dramaland. It is simple but so meaningful. Ga Do Shim is summoned to the headmaster for a serious conversation. Before the conversation begins, Na Woo Soo enters the office and discreetly grabs her hand to let her know that she has support and that she is not alone with problems.

“Monthly Magazine Home” kpop dance in gym (ep 5)

This scene amused me to tears. I am impressed with how great Kim Ji Suk is dancing.


“My Name” – Choi Moo Jin

Moo Jin is an unusual character. We know that he is a ruthless criminal, but when he sadly admits that he has been betrayed again by a person close to him, we simply feel sorry for him. I believe that after all, he really wanted to take care of Ji Woo, although he did it on his own terms. The actor beautifully showed the complicated nature of this character. The seemingly calm and balanced man who seems to be the foster father for the main character is in fact a great manipulator, a ruthless avenger and a man who doesn’t tolerate opposition.


“Drink Now, Work Later”

The drama tells about three friends who are completely different in characters. They met in college and they were united by their love for alcohol. They meet daily and get drunk on a daily basis. However, this is not a story about three thirty-year-old alcoholics, but about the friendship and life of young women who, in their own way, are looking for happiness and love. At first, I was terrified of the amount of alcohol the main characters were drinking. I genuinely started to worry about their health and some addiction, but with time I appreciated this amazing story about a wonderful friendship. I found myself enviously watching the girls arguing, reconciling and supporting. They were more than friends to each other, they were family.


“Yumi’s Cells” – Seo Sae Yi

How I hated this character. The worst type of toxic friend. In general, I don’t believe in a true friendship between a man and a woman, so from the beginning this relationship was for me to be crossed out. The girl didn’t know how to decide what she wanted from life and in addition she destroyed others personal life. The worst thing is that such nasty friends exist in real life and poison other people’s lives.


“My Name” – Jung Tae Joo

The whole drama was amazing. The actors did a great job, but apart from the main characters, Moo Jin’s mysterious right hand also caught my attention. He was always elegant (even in sweatpants, at the gym), calm but alert. Amazing magnetism emanated from him. He was not the mindless executor of Moo Jin’s judgments, but his trusted advisor and perhaps a friend.


“Adult Trainee”

There were so many hot and wonderful kisses in this drama that it’s hard to choose just one. However, my favorite is this last kiss in a vacation home. It was really hot.

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