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First Impression – “My Lethal Man”

There has been a lot of buzz about this drama on social media recently, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. From the available descriptions, it’s hard to deduce what the plot is about, but it’s really not too complicated. The theme of doppelgangers has appeared many times in dramaland (Korean drama Mask or Bride of the Century). I like to watch a drama with such a thread, even though the plot is sometimes very unbelievable.

What is the drama My Lethal Man about.

Two identical, unrelated girls study at a university in Italy – an economics student from a wealthy Zhuang Xinyan family and Shen Manning, a student at the art department. They both don’t know each other and don’t know anything about each other’s existence. By the time. One day, Shen Manning is kidnapped, but Zhuang Xinyan was the real target. The rich girl finds out what happened and helps the girl to escape her kidnappers. During their escape, an accident occurs. Zhuang Xinyan protects Shen Manning with her body, asks her for a favor, and dies. Shen Manning suffers permanent eye damage in an accident. She is undergoing a corneal transplant operation, and the donor is the late Zhuang Xinyan. After two weeks, the girl wakes up and immediately a mysterious man appears, who practically forces her to help. Shen Manning will pretend to be Zhuang Xinyan for a year to help him save a deceased girl’s family business.

The drama draws you in quickly, because there is a lot going on from the beginning. There are some holes in the plot, and sometimes you have to turn off logical thinking, because the level of realism flies to space. Still, this drama provides some sort of entertainment. There are emotions, a mysterious and dominant man, an innocent young girl thrown into the whirlwind of family wars, secrets and romance of course.

A big plus is the charismatic and handsome main character with a beautiful soft voice. He is wonderful to watch on screen. This is the first time I see FanZhi Xin in a drama and I already know it won’t be the last. The main character falls under Yan Xingcheng’s spell extremely quickly, but who would blame her when he always saves her from serious trouble. Shen Manning’s friend thread is indifferent to me. I don’t know why but this girl annoys me. But I love Yan Xingcheng’s two faithful helpers.
The drama only has 24 episodes, so I’ll definitely watch it to the end.

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